Features & Amenities

Features for your comfort and security

  • Wall to wall carpeting
  • Heating and air-conditioning, individually controlled by thermostat
  • Central dining room
  • Private dining room available for special occasions
  • Café
  • Cozy sitting areas for relaxing, including a library lounge
  • Multipurpose games lounge
  • Lovely wooded grounds
  • Sidewalk paths with many benches
  • Outdoor Patio and Gazebo
  • Raised garden areas
  • In-house phone system with voicemail capability
  • State of the art fire safety system, including smoke detectors and sprinkler system in each accommodation.
  • Residents are required to use energy-saving bulbs

Other Services available for your Convenience (fee for service)

  • Visiting professionals, offering foot care, physiotherapy or other services
  • Enhanced personal care service
  • Hair salon
  • Newspaper delivery
  • Mending or alterations service
  • Arrangements for dry cleaning service

Fee Schedule

Your Monthly Fee Includes

  • Basic Care Service package
    (details in Health Service section)
  • Private Dining Room
  • Accommodation and utilities
  • Billiard Lounge
  • Chapel / theatre / computer Lounge
  • Café & Refreshments
  • Complete housekeeping
  • Spa / Massage Room
  • Beauty & Barber Salon
  • Library/fireplace lounge
  • Fitness Centre / Aerobics Pool
  • Linens & personal laundry
  • Common dining room
  • In-house televison package
  • Outdoor walking sidewalks, gazebo, benches, and patios
  • Professional onsite management

Residence Layout

Photo Gallery

Mountainview Residence Reception

Suite Styles

Private Accommodation

Suite A (300 sq.ft.)
$3465.00 to $3490.00/month

Suite B (360 sq.ft.)
$3830.00 to $3855.00/month

Suite C (360 sq.ft.) w/ sitting area
$3990.00 to $4015.00/month

Suite D (395 sq.ft.)

Suite E (470 sq.ft.)
$4515.00 to $4540.00/month
with walk-in closet and kitchenette

Suite F (480 sq.ft.)
with walk-in closet and separate living/bedroom

Suite G (600 sq.ft.)
with kitchenette

The following suites are with separate Living Room / Bedroom and Kitchenette:

Suite H (475 sq.ft.)
$5065.00 to $5090.00/month

Suite I (540 sq.ft.)

Suite J (540 sq.ft.)
$5360.00 to $5385.00/month

Suite K (630 sq.ft.)
$5510.00 to $6350.00/month

For a second person (related) in a private accommodation, an additional $800 is added to the monthly fee.

Note: A monthly Retirement Home Act regulatory fee is applicable. Currently $11.29